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Pan / 360° Spin Rotation

The basic pan shows the camera moving from right to left or left to right displaying the subject of interest. A 360° Spin Rotation is the same thing but completes a full rotation of 360 degrees. The latter is more common to show off the view from a particular vantage point while the former showcases any particular subject in view.

Crane / Tilt Crane

Like a physical Crane, this shot either moves straight up or straight down while focusing on the subject in the middle. The camera does not move for a typical Crane shot. In the Tilt / Crane shot, however, the camera tilts to keep the subject in the center of the shot while the drone moves vertically in one direction.

Dolly / Approach

The Dolly shot simply shows the camera approaching the subject head on. Sometimes after the approach, the shot can continue as a fly-over of the point of interest, but that depends on the creative direction of the camera operator as per the client instructions.


The pilot sets a point of interest and secures a view. From there, the drone performs an automated circle of the point of interest with the camera focused on the center at all times. If you want to showcase your building or subject from all angles, this is the perfect shot.

Tilt / Reveal

A Tilt shot is exactly what it sounds like -- the camera is stationed in one position and tilts either up or down. When tilting up from facing the ground directly, this shot is called a "Reveal" because it slowly reveals the subject.

Retreat / Fade Away

Also known as "Up and Away," this shot essentially leaves the point of interest in the center while retreating to give a nice view of the surrounding area while providing an exquisite ending shot for a compilation video.



A Trucking shot is where the camera operator frames the subject before the pilot moves the drone right or left. This captures one side of the subject completely while providing some intrigue for the viewer as to what will show up next.