Real Estate is all about showing a home or property to its best advantage and agents regularly work an age-old plan. They re-arrange furniture so it looks attractive, adding decorations and flowers, play classical music, and have fresh baked cookies as potential buyers view the house. This is called “staging” and a necessary piece to selling a home.

However, in our current culture where schedules are tight and time is money, what about potential buyers who want to shop from the comfort of their home? How do you capture their interest? Aerial drones are fast becoming a necessary tool in the Real Estate world. With them you can produce high quality videos and photos of your house and property, inside and out, to entice potential buyers and improve your reputation with potential sellers.

Drone videos are far more convenient than attending an open house, easily offering a 360 degree view that makes you feel as if you’re really there. Videos and photos provide a bird’s eye view of the property and a sense of scale. Aerial footage also gives buyers an idea of the surrounding neighborhood, what the driveway connecting to the street is like, as well as landscape and environment. Furthermore, they are less expensive than using a helicopter, plane, or crane to obtain this footage with a regular camera.

Drone videos and photos are effective, affordable, environmental friendly, and a unique way to add a sales technique to your portfolio. Incorporating them into your marketing strategy will set you apart!

Watch one of our Videos HERE:

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