August 2017

Aerial Drone Mapping

What can aerial drone mapping do for you?  The easier question is what can’t it do!  In doing research for this article, I ran across a wide variety of applications and enough information


October 2015

The New "Thing" in Real Estate - Drone Photography

Real Estate is all about showing a home or property to its best advantage and agents regularly work an age-old plan. They re-arrange furniture so it looks attractive, adding decorations and flowers,


August 2015

Salem Aerial - The Overview

"Get a better perspective with Salem Aerial." This is not just our slogan but also our mantra. When we take flight--no matter the location--we hope to provide our clients with the best possible view



Why Drones?

When I first learned about drones, I knew this was going to be a game-changer. I have always been interested in flying; as a kid I dreamed of becoming a pilot. Every day I would come home with