Digital Imaging &
3D Modeling

Aerial Maps with drones. The perfect way to reimagine your project or property.


Using DJI’s Mavic Pro drone on an automated flight path, we will expertly capture hundreds of images of your property to stitch together.


Our software pulls all the necessary data together to provide you with a scaled, measurable map.


With the click of a button, you can now see the plant health, building size, topographical measurements, and 3D model of your property.

A service packed with great features

Aerial mapping takes a complex construction site, nature preserve, agricultural region, or industrial lot and brings it into perspective. This solution helps every business in need of a true-to-scale map with greater functionality than an image.
In addition to that, we offer aerial and interior photos and videos with gimbal-stabilized cameras. Whether you are looking to promote business or need surveying and project tracking, Aerial Mapping Oregon is your one-stop-shop.

More features than you could imagine!

  • PHigh Resolution Map
  • PMeasuring Capabilities
    Aerial drone mapping screenshot showing a preview of the elevation specs
  • P2D and 3D Views
  • PGPS Integration
  • PPlant Health
  • PPoint Cloud
  • P Orthomosaic
  • P 3D Models
  • PShare & Export
    Aerial drone mapping screenshot showing a preview of the elevation specs
  • PTopographical Data
  • P Click and Drag Viewing
  • PElevation Maps

Our great Visual Map just got better:
Now with Plant Health and Elevation!

Screenshot of aerial visual map

What our customers say

“I love it. It captures the entire area in a clear image that I was able to use for sponsors to see the complete project.”

Danielle Bethell
Director, Keizer Chamber of Commerce

What our customers say

“Thanks so much! I appreciate your help with this project, the confirmation of the pricing, and hope to work with you all again soon.”

Think Marketing & Creative Services

What our customers say

“It looks awesome! Thanks!”

Gilbert House Children’s Museum